What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a person who has sufficient knowledge of their area of expertise to qualify them to present their opinion in legal matters.


A qualified expert witness can come in many forms and an expert witness can be qualified to give their opinion in a wide range of subjects.

Expert Witness - Stethoscope

Dr Asef Zafar is an expert witness in Medicine. He is qualified to be an expert witness due to his medical degree and his many years of experience in medicine.


An expert witness will often specialise in one particular field within their subject. Dr Zafar is an expert witness who specialises in General Practice medicine. This means that Dr Zafar can give his opinion as an expert witness in the form of a medical report and he can consider any and all topics that you could approach your local GP with. This includes making expert witness opinions on injuries and pains, scarring and recovery times and the effects of psychological trauma.


Dr Zafar’s expert witness opinion is also taken into account with regards to how your symptoms may affect your domestic, social and employment abilities.


Dr Zafar has been an expert witness in the field of general practice for more than 10 years. This, alongside his commitment to stay abreast of the latest expert witness rulings and courses, allows Dr Zafar to be a professional but caring expert witness.

Expert Witness - Painkillers

An expert witness has a duty to the court to provide a full and accurate answer on any questions that may arise over a client’s injuries. Whilst Dr Zafar is examining the client and formulating his expert witness opinion, he is always conscious of the need to be caring and open to make his clients feel at ease.


A medical expert witness can be used in personal injury claims to write a report on a patient’s injuries. The expert witness will only be able to comment on symptoms that he is qualified to form an opinion on and will have to refer the client on to another specialist expert witness for the symptoms he can not comment upon.


As Dr Zafar is a General Practice expert witness, he can form an expert witness opinion on a very wide variety of symptoms and their related impacts on a client’s life. This ensures that the vast majority of clients will not need to see another expert witness to complete their claim.


Dr Zafar offers General Practice expert witness reports in the following locations:





High Wycombe,


London (East Ham)



Tunbridge Wells,




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