A standard Medical Negligence report should take no longer than 3 hours to complete. An initial estimate will be given to you regarding completion times before any commitment is made on your end.

Our medical reports will be completed and returned within 14 days of the instruction (or 14 days of the receipt of medical records – whichever is later).

Please note that we will not obtain or chase medical records, this needs to be done by the client’s solicitors and they need to be in receipt of a signed note of authorisation for these to be passed over to us.

If a patient requires an examination in line with the case, please let us know up front and we will adjust the price accordingly. If we are told after receiving the instructions that the client requires a visit, we will still hold the right to renegotiate the price of the report to cover this.

Our pricing for Medical Negligence reports start from £100 an hour.
Payment is to be made within 60 days of receipt of our invoice. Unfortunately the doctor is unable to deduct or defer his payment for lost cases as this could potentially affect the perceived level of impartiality across the case.