Medico-Legal Work

My Medico-Legal work takes up the majority of my working week. Last year I turned out nearly 2000+ Medico-Legal Reports. I am on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and also Registered with the Council of Expert Witnesses and Medical Experts Online for easy access through a portal for bookings directly from Solicitors and other agencies.


I have successfully completed a Bond Solon 5 day course on Expert Witness Reporting Certificate accredited by the Cardiff University Law School and also a Certificate in Whiplash Disorders (Cert MR Part2).


I have gained a great amount of experience in my years as a Medico-Legal expert, and I feel that this allows me to provide a sense of professionalism in my examinations, whilst still being a warm and caring doctor.


I have gained experience with the following medico-legal aspects:

– Both High and Low speed impact claims,

– Whiplash injuries,

– Soft Tissue injuries,

– Psychological injuries,

– Paediatric injuries,

– Injuries to pregnant women,

– Injuries sustained in the workplace,

– Injuries sustained through malpractice/negligence in beauty salons,

– Injuries sustained in road traffic accidents or as pedestrians,

– Injuries caused by direct trauma and by seatbelts,

– Injuries sustained on bicycles and motorcycles,

– Dental injuries and much more…


Nearly all of my medico-legal reports are turned around the same day, and medical records are normally reviewed within first 7 days of receiving them. I can also produce a medico-legal report and wait to add medical records when they are acquired.