Medical Reports

Medical Reports And Their Uses

UK Doctors Ltd is a provider of medical reports for clients following an accident or injury. We often provide medical reports for several different aspects of the industry including road traffic accidents, accidents at work, clinical negligence and non-fault injuries. All of our medical reports are high quality with a quick turnaround following a patients examination.

Medical Reports - Checklist

We can provide several different forms of medical report. These range from long in-depth medical reports detailing every aspect of the accident’s impact on the client’s home and social life to smaller summary medical reports that can be used to accurately gauge a client’s case and the symptoms sustained.


Medical reports can often differ by doctor, although there are a few rules and regulations that all medical reports must follow. All of our medical reports follow the entirety of the government’s regulations and one of our medical reports fully meets the even stricter standards set in place by the Bond Solon legal training organisation. This is a very important feature to consider when deciding between experts for the instruction of a medical report.


Supplements can be made to medical reports in order to increase their usefulness to the courts. Medical reports can contain a review of relevant evidence, which can include (GP Records, Hospital Records, Physiotherapy Reports, Engineer’s reports, etc). Each of these supplements can help to further improve a client’s claim, through the medical report.