Example Cases

Here is a small example list of the cases that I have produced throughout the years on patients with both personal injury and negligence cases. This is offered as an indication of the type of cases that I cover.

Complicated Circumstances Due to Medical Issues

– Fitness to travel/survive deportation with an ongoing pulmonary lung condition.



Delayed Diagnosis

– Delayed diagnosis of cancer and its further related complications.

– Delayed diagnosis of an illness in a patient that died to to related issues.

– Delayed diagnosis of psychological issues in an elderly patient that lead to a sub-standard level of care.



Alleged Breaches in care:

– Patients detained in HMP prison systems with undiagnosed physical injuries.

– A Patient detained in a HMP prison who was denied psychological treatment and later took their own life.

– Delay in referral and incorrect refferal leading to complications.



‘Non-Standard’ Personal Injury cases:

– Whiplash following rollercoaster accidents.

– High speed impact accidents with patients thrown through car windshields.

– Objects falling off of passing vehicles and crushing patient cars.

– High speed cases with cars rolling – sometimes a considerable distance.

– Car versus patient’s house accidents where the main symptoms were psychological.

– Double height bus versus low bridge accidents with severe trauma.

– Slips/Trips into bodies of water and related ongoing phobias.

– Physical and psychological assaults and their ongoing impacts.



Workplace Injuries:

– Clarification of unfit working conditions in the workplace.

– Chemical burns following short term exposure.

– Severe lacerations and soft tissue injuries with long lasting repurcussions.



Non-Medical Negligence:

– Genital burns following a routine hair removal procedure.

– Lacerations to feet following a pedicure.

– Hair and scalp burns following a salon hair dryer mistake.

– Lung conditions further to living in sub-standard conditions.