Medico-Legal and Negligence Reports Provider

UK Doctors Ltd provides independent reports for Medical agencies and solicitors representing clients in matters of personal injury and clinical negligence.
Dr Zafar has over 20 years of experience in building medical reports and all of our reports fully confirm to the latest rulings and regulations.Our Reports are created by Dr Asef Zafar, a fully qualified General Practitioner and Medico-Legal expert. Dr Zafar is the sole shareholder in UK Doctors Ltd, creating a company that is purely medical in nature and client driven. This has the effect of focussing the company on the end experience of the patients and clients that come to see the doctor, rather than the revenue focussed companies that seem to be dominating the market.

Please take a look at our Prices and Terms and Conditions and feel free to Contactus with any queries or instructions.

Please note that a discount can be arranged for clients supplying bulk instructions.